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Doggie Day Care

All dogs need socialization and positive experiences around other dogs. What we like to do at Mid-Day Play is offer a low stress, fun environment with a small, manageable amount of dogs. Dogs and puppies will get hours of attention and play time during which they will learn appropriate play and behavior. Our staff prides itself on observing and controlling play so that bully behavior is corrected and dogs have a positive experience. Dogs may stay for either a half day (2-4 hrs) or a full day (4-6 hrs). A half day is encouraged for young adolescent dogs. If dogs stay a full day, there is a “nap/quiet” at some point during the day to give the dogs a mental and physical break. Call to schedule a meet and greet with your dog at Mid-Day Play.


Dog Walking: Whether you work long hours every day, taking a day trip to Chicago or just physically unable to walk the dog, Mid-Day Play will be there to help!! Your dog(s) will benefit in many ways in having a mid-day break:

  • Potty Relief
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • Breaks up the monotony of being alone all day
  • Provides mental stimulation through play and exercise
  • Puppy care available (it is important to note that puppies need additional potty breaks b/w the ages of 8 - 16 weeks)

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting: There is no place like home for the furry members of your family! So, instead of taking your pets to a kennel for long hours in a cage, leave them at home and allow Mid-Day Play to care for them! Whether you have cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles or even farm animals, we can help. The benefits of a pet sitter are many:

  • Pets are safe and comfortable in their own environment
  • Greatly reduces stress for your pet by having the same routine
  • Your home is safer with daily activity
  • Mail is collected
  • Plants are watered
  • Lights are turned on and off
  • Best of all….peace of mind for pet parents!!

Private Swimming

What better way to cool off in the summer than to take your dog swimming in a clean, private lake! Swimming for dogs, just like for people, is an excellent form of low impact, aerobic exercise. It benefits all body systems including circulatory, respiratory and musculoskeletal to name a few. Swimming is also a unique activity to do with your dog which helps the bonding experience. We always encourage owners to swim with their dog and offer a sandy beach with a gradual walk in. We also provide life vests for those dogs who need a little “extra help”. Whether you come once a week or once a summer, your dog will love you for the experience! Call for an appointment Monday through Saturday.