My Story

My Story

Mid-Day Play was started in 2010 as the result of an inspiration. My desire was to not only do something that I am passionate about but to help alleviate stress in the life of a pet owner. All too often I hear “I don’t go on vacation because I don’t want to leave my dog in a kennel.” Or “My dog is home for 10 hours alone because I don’t trust just anyone to come into my home.” Therefore, Mid-Day Play was formed to help those in need.

I have been taking care of animals for as long as I can remember. I came from a home that rescued everything and anything and from parents that fostered a nurturing attitude. I have saved baby birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, rats and guinea pigs. I have owned everything from horses to snakes and most everything in between. Currently, we have two dogs, Maggie (Golden Retriever), and Roo (a Podenco), a cat, Sonny, a canary, and a horse, Doc. My animal ownership isn’t the only experience that I have had. My job history in the animal field includes an emergency vet clinic, a pet store, Cosley Animal Farm, Brookfield Zoo’s Children's Zoo, Willowbrook Wildlife volunteer, Wild Tails Volunteer and Kendall County Animal Control Volunteer. In 2001, I received a BS in Biology and an Environmental Science minor from Northern Illinois University.

My passion not only includes helping people with their pets but also educating people about dog behavior, communication and nutrition. I have learned a tremendous amount over the last 7 years but feel it is only the tip of the iceberg. My own dogs, as well as the dogs in daycare are continuously teaching me! My goal is to help as many people as possible to truly understand their dog and to be able to "read" them, to know their emotional state and to possibly predict what they are feeling. Dogs (and cats!) are truly amazing creatures that can teach us humans what unconditional love really looks like!

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of every pet, for every family, with love and compassion.