My name is Anna Davies. I live in Lake Holiday with my husband Jim and our four legged “kids”– Gracie and Duke, black and yellow mixed labs respectively. We have lived here for 16 years. We originally lived in the Cicero area and near Midway Airport for most of our lives.

I retired February 2015 after 28 years of service for a major food and health/beauty corporation. I have been in logistics most of my adult career, which covers close to 42 years in the industry. I ended my career as a manager for Customer Service and was very proud of the level of excellence my team delivered.

Actually, I really don’t consider what I do at Mid Day Play as a ‘job’. It is a dream come true for me, since I was a little girl. I was the little girl who would ‘find’ lost dogs and they would end up in the coal shed, (surprising my mother on many occasions) hoping I could keep all of them.

I love what I do, being able to take care of special companions for others, whether for a day or a week. I know having my own special companions, how important it is to have peace of mind that your animals are being cared for as though they were my own. The connections and the unconditional joy they bring into my life is priceless.

My background regarding animals is not as robust or extensive as others at Mid Day Play but what I bring to the Mid Day Play is that I am the little girl that dreamed about having her own dog to love. And I have never stopped loving any dog that has come into my life. It is amazing how much room I feel in my heart for all the dogs that come into my life. Whether it be my own dogs or other dogs, they take me back to moments as a little girl and that pure joy of holding my first, very own dog. For every tail wag , every sloppy ‘kiss’ I am so grateful that I am able to have these moments at this time of my life.

KimHello, my name is Kim Young. I live on a small farm just outside of Sandwich (where I was born and raised) with my husband and two boxers who are my best friends. I also have a passion for horses and have two of them as well as two barn cats and nine chickens. Yep, I am a bit of an animal lover.

I have been breeding top quality Boxers for 15 years now. It is something I cannot imagine myself not doing. I love the process of being able to provide families with healthy Boxers to add to their lives. My dogs are my family and I work very hard to produce the best Boxers I can.

I grew up on a farm and have lived on one ever since. I can honestly say I have never been without a dog in my life, and don’t ever plan on it. My animals are my best friends, my company, and my therapists. There is nothing like walking the front door and having them there to wiggle their Boxer butts at me and just be happy I am home with them. Or to hop on my horse and just let all the stresses of life wash away. My four legged friends give more to me than I could ever give to them.

I am a Dog Walker at Mid Day Play, and can honestly say that “I Love My Job”. It is such a great feeling walking into homes and seeing the happy faces and wagging tails of the dogs I have come to know and love. It is such an honor to be able to get to know the dogs and spend my days with them. They each have their own personalities and it is so much fun really learning about each and every one of them. Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate the opportunity I have been given to work for such an amazing person and team at Mid Day Play.


Hello, my name is Linda. I began working with Mid-Day Play in July of 2012.  I have worked in just about every aspect of what Mid-Day Play offers as far as services. As now Office Manager I handle many of the day to day operations of Mid-Day Play.  I love my job and I certainly love what Mid-Day Play represents! I know the love and passion I have for my own animals and the peace of mind we bring to so many by the services we provide. I live south of Somonauk and have resided here for 22 years. I have owned dogs my entire life and couldn’t imagine my life without them. I currently have two dogs Aleena Lee (Aussie Mix) and (Tony) Stark (Border Collie). I also have 3 Cats Miss Kitty Meow Meow, (Michael) Westen and (Jessie) Porter. Animals have always been a part of my life and I’m truly fascinated with animal behavior and body language. I love our fur-ever growing family at work and here at home.



Angela Murray, CPDT-KSA, Director of Training         

Angela is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – knowledge and skills assessed, certified in principles and techniques of canine behavior modification from Purdue University and is CPR certified for dogs and cats from both the Red Cross and Pet Tech. With over 20 years of experience teaching pet obedience classes, private lessons and working with canine behavioral problems she is currently the Director of Training for Mid-Day Play Pet Services, an adjunct teacher at Waubonsee community College, a mentor for the Animal Behavior College & CATCH Training Academy and serves as a Nutritional Consultant for Go Dog Go in Oswego, IL. Angela conducted observational canine research at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN and has completed courses in Dog Sledding, Animal Tracking, and Psychology. She also provides continuing education units through seminars and classes for her peers.


Hello, my name is Rylie Schreck. I live with my family on our farm in Earlville where we have our five horses along with four Australian Shepherds, one Blue Heeler, as well as a few cats. I have ridden horses my entire life and enjoy trail riding with my family and competed in horse shows alongside my sisters until I was 18. I have worked at Timber Edge Horse Farm for the past four years and have recently started working at Mid Day Play as a dog handler and I love it! I will be continuing my educated at Kishwaukee College in the fall and hope to expand my knowledge of dog behavior in the meantime!






Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and I am one of Mid-Day Play’s summer employee’s, as I teach at the Middle School level the rest of the year. I help with dog walking and pet sitting. I have one dog of my own, Toby, a 2 year old cattle dog mix. I also foster dogs, so I usually have a 2nd dog in the home as well. I love checking out new state parks and hiking/ walking trails. Since adopting Toby two years ago, I have become obsessed with taking dog training classes, reading up on dog behavior, and learning about everything dog related! I love walking, so getting to walk with a dog is even better. I know how stressful it can be to have to leave your dog while you on vacation, so I’m happy that I am able to help alleviate some of that stress for both the owners and the pets.



Hello! My name is Amber Delo. I just started working for Mid Day Play In June 2017 but I am already loving being a pet sitter! I live in Lake Holiday with my husband Steve, 18 year old daughter Olivia and 7 year old fur baby Faith. Faith is a rescued pit bull mix and my very best friend! We also have two cats Daisy and Stella. My husband is a Navy veteran and I am still serving in the Navy with 12 years in and still going! I am also working on my degree in Kinesiology. My daughter is continuing the Navy tradition and will be leaving for basic training soon. I have always been a lover of all animals and am excited to be working for Mid Day Play and to start learning more about animals and their behaviors. I know how important it is to know that when you are away someone is taking care of your fur baby just like you would! I have been bringing my Faith to Mid Day Play for about 5 years and she has always received the absolute highest level of care! You can rest assured that I will also give the highest level of care to your fur babies and will take care of them as if they were my own!





Hi, I am Kait & I am from the United Kingdom! I moved to USA, Naperville two years ago & recently moved to Somonauk, Lake Holiday. I moved here with my family, my husband Richard, my boys, Sebastian & Alexander & my fur babies, poppy the cat & Dexter the Weimarotte. We extended our family this year, my  eldest daughter Emma came out on vacation & decided to stay! We also have a Chipin puppy, Cato. He comes to daycare with me on a Thursday.

As a family we had the opportunity to come over here through Richards job and we absolutely love America & everyone we have met & we are here to stay!

I started working for MDP in the Daycare of August 2017 & it’s such a fun place to be, with an awesome team. Fortunately, I am in a position where I do not need to work, I choose to. So, for me working for MDP is my dream job! I get to work with dogs everyday & treat them all as if they are my own. I love their quirky personalities & the affection each dog brings. I get very happy when I can steal a kiss & a cuddle!

I have always grown up with animals, a whole menagerie when I was a kid & the majority of the time I had a dog. Before moving to the USA I ran my own dog walking & pet sitting business. Prior to running my own business, I spent 20 years gaining a lot of experience in many areas, making me a very versatile person.

I love to take on new challenges & learn new skills. Working for MDP, gives me the chance to do just that! I am currently furthering my knowledge & skills with an online course in dog behavior & psychology. I also love photography, & I get to take pictures of your babies everyday, so look out for great pics on Facebook & Instagram!

Hello, my name is Jacque. I started working in August 2017 as a Dog Handler and a walker. I live in the Sandwich side of Lake Holiday with my family. We have one dog she is a Jack Russell Terrier named Kiana, which is a combination of Tiana and Kiara from Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” and “Lion King Two”. (Can you tell we love Disney?) I was very involved in High School playing the trumpet in the marching band, jazz band, singing in choir, madrigals and the musical every year. I’m a part time student as Waubonsee where I am still exploring different avenues. I was previously a cashier at WalMart. I have been around dogs for most of my life. I look forward to learning more about the dog’s personalities and growing more as an employee.