The Pet Care Professionals

Our Team

The Pet Care Professionals

Our Team


Lanette Yingling

EXPERIENCE: Previously worked at an emergency vet clinic, pet store, Cosley Animal Farm, Brookfield Zoo’s Children’s Zoo
EDUCATION: BS in Biology and an Environmental Science minor from Northern Illinois University
HOMETOWN: Sandwich
PETS: Maggie (Golden Retriever), Roo (Podenco), Sonny (cat), Doc (horse), and a canary
FAVORITE CHARITIES: Willowbrook Wildlife, Wild Tails, Kendall County Animal Control

“My goal is to be as knowledgeable as I can about all aspects of animal care and to provide the best possible care for your furry (or scaly!) family members.”

Linda Race
Linda RaceOffice Manager
JOINED MDP: June 2012

HOMETOWN: Somonauk

PETS: Aleena Lee (Aussie Mix), Stark (Border Collie), and three cats (Miss Kitty Meow Meow, Michael Westen, Jessie Porter)

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friends Animal Society

“Animals have always been a part of my life and I’m truly fascinated with animal behavior and body language. I love our fur-ever growing family at work and here at home.”

Deb Samuels
Deb SamuelsPet Sitter
JOINED MDP: August 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich, IL

PETS: 1 Dog – Great Pyrenees/hound mix named Maverick

“I have been around animals my whole life. They are my passion along with family and friends.”

Melanie Vegrzyn
Melanie VegrzynDog Walker
JOINED MDP: July 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich, IL

PETS: 3 Rescue dogs; Angus, Barney and Scampi


“I live in Sandwich with my husband and daughter and our 3 dogs. I have 2 college age boys and a daughter in Chicago. I just love animals and I treat every animal as my own!”

Anna Davies
Anna DaviesDog Walker & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: March 2016

HOMETOWN: Lake Holiday

PETS: Mixed Black Lab; Gracie AKA Princess Grace

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friends Sanctuary

“I am newly retired, I love dogs and enjoy walking. Perfect combination for this phase of my life. I treat our clients’ dogs like I would my own.”

Jessica Plante
Jessica PlanteSummer Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: June 2017

HOMETOWN: Somonauk

PETS: Knox (Cattle Dog Mix)

“Since adopting Toby two years ago, I have become obsessed with taking dog training classes, reading up on dog behavior, and learning about everything dog related! I love walking, so getting to walk with a dog is even better.”

Nicole Bezroukoff
Nicole BezroukoffDog Walker & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: July 2021

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: Gus, Ryder and Nala

FAVORITE CHARITY: Naperville Area Humane Society

“I volunteered at the human society for 2 years and I just love being around and working with animals!”

Bailey Altman
Bailey AltmanDog Walker & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: April 2021

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: 3 Dogs; Wendy, Holly and Nani

FAVORITE CHARITY: Tails Humane Society in Dekalb

“Working with animals has always been a passion of mine! I knew MDP would be the perfect job for me. I’ve learned so much about dogs and animal behavior and have made so many bonds with the dogs.”

Beth Rebstock
Beth RebstockDog Handler
JOINED MDP: August 2019

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: Stormy 26 yr old Cockatiel, Penney 8 year old Beagle, Ammo 1 yr old Catahoula

FAVORITE CHARITY: Sandwich Sport Boosters

“I moved to Sandwich in 1988. I love the hometown feel, events and community. Having animals just makes it better. Learning animal behavior and being part of the MDP team makes coming to work enjoyable!”

Maria Raimondi
Maria RaimondiDog Handler
JOINED MDP: February 2021

HOMETOWN: Yorkville

PETS: 2 Ivy & Hershey/ Brittany spaniels

FAVORITE CHARITY: Any organization that rescues dogs/cats etc…

“I’m 37 yrs old. I’m Italian with a HUGE family. Family and animals are my world. I’ve had a passion for dogs/animals since I was a kid. I’ve dedicated a lot of my time in learning about dogs/animals. I wish to have my own company one day! I’m honored to be a part of Mid-Day Play and I hope to be a great asset to the team!”