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The Pet Care Professionals

Our Team


Lanette Yingling

EXPERIENCE: Previously worked at an emergency vet clinic, pet store, Cosley Animal Farm, Brookfield Zoo’s Children’s Zoo

EDUCATION: BS in Biology and an Environmental Science minor from Northern Illinois University

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: Maggie (Golden Retriever), Roo (Podenco), Sonny (cat), Doc (horse), and a canary

FAVORITE CHARITIES: Willowbrook Wildlife, Wild Tails, Kendall County Animal Control

“My goal is to be as knowledgeable as I can about all aspects of animal care and to provide the best possible care for your furry (or scaly!) family members.”

Linda Race
Linda RaceOffice Manager
JOINED MDP: June 2012

HOMETOWN: Somonauk

PETS: Aleena Lee (Aussie Mix), Stark (Border Collie), and three cats (Miss Kitty Meow Meow, Michael Westen, Jessie Porter)

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friends Animal Society

“Animals have always been a part of my life and I’m truly fascinated with animal behavior and body language. I love our fur-ever growing family at work and here at home.”

Brian McGuire
Brian McGuireDog Handler
JOINED MDP: January 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: One Boa Constrictor

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friends Animal Society

“I have always loved animals and I wanted to be a Zoo Keeper when I was little. I started working as a groomer in 2017 and have been working with dogs ever since and loving it! I wake up excited to go to work!”

Alison Matykiewicz
Alison MatykiewiczDog Handler
JOINED MDP: January 2018


PETS: 3 Dogs, Bearded Dragon and a Pet Bass Fish

“I have been a vet for the past 9 years and love working with animals. I am going to school part time in hopes of becoming a human nurse. I love hiking with my dogs and being in nature. I love rock climbing and hope that one day I will live somewhere that I can do it outside on a reuglar basis”

Leslie Byrne
Leslie ByrneDog Walker & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: February 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: 3 cats and 4 chickens

FAVORITE CHARITY: World Wildlife Federation

“Love all animals!! Enjoy spending time with my pets and my kids. Love reading, dancing and jewelry.”

Deb Bartholomew
Deb BartholomewPet Sitter
JOINED MDP: June 2017

HOMETOWN: Yorkville, IL

PETS: Lucy (Bichon ) Katie (Kitty Cat)

FAVORITE CHARITY: Kendall County Animal Shelter, all rescues and shelters

“I recently retired from my full time job and decided to do what I love, taking care of animals. I love spending quality time walking, sitting and playing with the fur babies. I spend my spare time learning more about animals, golf and gardening.”

Jessica Plante
Jessica PlanteSummer Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: June 2017

HOMETOWN: Somonauk

PETS: Toby (Cattle Dog Mix)

“Since adopting Toby two years ago, I have become obsessed with taking dog training classes, reading up on dog behavior, and learning about everything dog related! I love walking, so getting to walk with a dog is even better.”

Deb Samuels
Deb SamuelsDog Handler
JOINED MDP: August 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich, IL

PETS: 1 Dog – Great Pyrenees/hound mix named Maverick

“I have been around animals my whole life. They are my passion along with family and friends.”

Julie Johnson
Julie JohnsonDog Handler & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: July 2018


PETS: 2 Dogs Hanna and Sherlock

“Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration but recently decided to fulfill my dreams working with animals. I truly enjoy the company of pets and providing peace of mind and care for your four legged family members.”

Jenna Guthrie
Jenna GuthrieDog Walker & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: August 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich, IL

PETS: 2 Dogs Reagan and Truman & 2 Cats Aegon and Duncan

“My dream has always been to work with animals and now I have that opportunity!”

Kait Fowler
Kait FowlerDaycare Handler & Pet Sitter
JOINED MDP: June 2018

HOMETOWN: Somonauk, IL

PETS: Weimarott, Dexter, a Chipinsu Cato, who is in Daycare on Thursday’s! & Poppy the cat.

FAVORITE CHARITY: I’m British & support RSPCA but you would know is here as ASPCA!

“I am very lucky as I do not need to work, I choose to work. I am blessed to be able to work in an area I am passionate about, working with animals, particularly dogs!”