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The Pet Care Professionals

Our Team


Lanette Yingling

EXPERIENCE: Previously worked at an emergency vet clinic, pet store, Cosley Animal Farm, Brookfield Zoo’s Children’s Zoo

EDUCATION: BS in Biology and an Environmental Science minor from Northern Illinois University

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: Maggie (Golden Retriever), Roo (Podenco), Sonny (cat), Doc (horse), and a canary

FAVORITE CHARITIES: Willowbrook Wildlife, Wild Tails, Kendall County Animal Control

“My goal is to be as knowledgeable as I can about all aspects of animal care and to provide the best possible care for your furry (or scaly!) family members.”

Linda Race
Linda RaceOffice Manager

JOINED MDP: June 2012

HOMETOWN: Somonauk

PETS: Aleena Lee (Aussie Mix), Stark (Border Collie), and three cats (Miss Kitty Meow Meow, Michael Westen, Jessie Porter)

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friends Animal Society

“Animals have always been a part of my life and I’m truly fascinated with animal behavior and body language. I love our fur-ever growing family at work and here at home.”

Kait Fowler
Kait FowlerDay Handler & Team Leader

JOINED MDP: August 2017

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Courses in Dog Behavior and Dog Psychology

HOMETOWN: Lake Holiday (Originally from the UK)

PETS: Poppy the cat, Dexter (Weimarott), Cato (Chipinsu)

FAVORITE CHARITY: RSPCA (Britain’s version of the ASPCA)

“Working for Mid-Day Play is my dream job! I get to work with dogs every day and treat them all as if they are my own. I love their quirky personalities and the affection each dog brings. I get very happy when I can steal a kiss and a cuddle!”

Brian McGuire
Brian McGuireDog Handler

JOINED MDP: January 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: One Boa Constrictor

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friends Animal Society

“I have always loved animals and I wanted to be a Zoo Keeper when I was little. I started working as a groomer in 2017 and have been working with dogs ever since and loving it! I wake up excited to go to work!”

Rylie Schreck
Rylie SchreckDog Handler

JOINED MDP: April 2017

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Student at Kishwaukee College

HOMETOWN: Shabbona

PETS: Four dogs, five horses, three cats


“Hello, I am one of the dog handlers at Mid-Day Play and I love it! I have four dogs myself, all Australian Shepherds and Blue Heelers. I live on a farm with my family in Shabbona and I am currently a student at Kishwaukee College.”

Alison Matykiewicz
Alison MatykiewiczDog Handler

JOINED MDP: January 2018


PETS: 3 Dogs, Bearded Dragon and a Pet Bass Fish

“I have been a vet for the past 9 years and love working with animals. I am going to school part time in hopes of becoming a human nurse. I love hiking with my dogs and being in nature. I love rock climbing and hope that one day I will live somewhere that I can do it outside on a ruglar basis””

Jacque Worthington
Jacque WorthingtonDog Walker

JOINED MDP: August 2017

HOMETOWN: Sandwich side of Lake Holiday

PETS: Kiana (Jack Russel Terrier)

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friend Animal Society

“What’s there really to say about me besides I like to have fun and enjoy working and getting to know animals and their unique personalities.”

Leslie Byrne
Leslie ByrneDog Walker & Pet Sitter

JOINED MDP: February 2018

HOMETOWN: Sandwich

PETS: 3 cats and 4 chickens

FAVORITE CHARITY: World Wildlife Federation

“Love all animals!! Enjoy spending time with my pets and my kids. Love reading, dancing and jewelry.”

Anna Davis
Anna DavisPet Sitter

JOINED MDP: March 2016

HOMETOWN: Lake Holiday

PETS: Gracie (Mixed Black Lab)

FAVORITE CHARITY: Best Friends Animal Society

“I am newly retired. I love dogs and enjoy walking. It’s the perfect combination for this phase of my life. I love what I do. I treat our clients’ dogs like I would my own.”

Donna Ostrye
Donna OstryePet Sitter

JOINED MDP: June 2017


PETS: 2 Cats, Lina & Lu-a-Lu

FAVORITE CHARITY: Any organization that rescues animals or Girl Scouts of America

“I have a masters degree in Humanities from U of Chicago. My undergraduate degree is from West Virginia University. For my primary career I was self employed in drapery design and fabrication for over 30 years. I am retired and working as a fine artists with my medium primarily oil pastel and watercolor. It would be my privilege to do any pet in portraiture.”

Gillian Frosch
Gillian FroschDog Walker & Pet Sitter

JOINED MDP: March 2018

EDUCATION & TRAINING: BS in Kinesiology, over a decade of Navy service
HOMETOWN: Sandwich, IL

PETS: 10 year old puggle named Scout and a 7 month old cat named Whiskey

“I enjoy being outdoors and activities such as rock climbing, kayaking and camping. Working with animals has always been my passion, I can’t wait to meet your pup!”

Malorie Parrish
Malorie ParrishDog Walker & Pet Sitter

JOINED MDP: November 2017

HOMETOWN: Yorkville, IL

PETS: 2 tuxito cats, Minnie and Mickey, and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Zoey

“When I’m not walking dogs I’m in the salon cutting and coloring hair, at home taking care and cuddling up with my animals, and spending time with the family. “

Shannon Ballard
Shannon BallardDog Handler & Dog Walker

JOINED MDP: March 2018


PETS: Thorin my Dog, a herd of hermit crabs and Louie my mule

FAVORITE CHARITY: Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue and Wounded Warrior Project

“I’ve lived in the local area my whole life and grew up with all sorts of animals fur and scales big and small. In my free time I like to work on projects with my dad, ride horses with my mom and hike with my dog!”

Amber Delo
Amber DeloPet Sitter

JOINED MDP: June 2017

EDUCATION & TRAINING: BS in Kinesiology, over a decade of Navy service
HOMETOWN: Lake Holiday

PETS: Faith (Rescued Pit Bull mix) and two cats (Daisy, Stella)

“I have been bringing Faith to Mid-Day Play for about five years and she has always received the absolute highest level of care! Rest assured, I will take care to your fur babies and take care of them as if they were my own!”

Jessica Plante
Jessica PlanteSummer Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

JOINED MDP: June 2017

HOMETOWN: Somonauk

PETS: Toby (Cattle Dog Mix)

“Since adopting Toby two years ago, I have become obsessed with taking dog training classes, reading up on dog behavior, and learning about everything dog related! I love walking, so getting to walk with a dog is even better.”