July 2022 Newsletter

The Sit, Stay, Play Report


Some Tail Waggin’ News

Hopefully you all have heard by now that we have decided not to sell our property! Yay! Our circumstances have changed since last year and we are much more at peace with keeping our beloved Yingling family home!

Mid-Day Play will continue to serve the local community with love and adoration for your pets! I want to thank everyone who was understanding when I broke the news that we were going on the market. It was very sweet that you all were accepting of my decision to “retire” to spend more time with grandkids and travel. Having said that, I am still planning on creating more “free” time in my schedule to see grandkids and travel. Therefore, you may not see me around as much but my team is more than capable of taking care of things in my absence!

This change in my schedule will be easier as we are still moving to the farm. We will be renting the house on Eva and operating as normal. This is a work in progress and will be a slow gradual change for sure. I don’t know anything different other than to be here all the time… unless I am on vacation. I absolutely LOVE seeing clients at the daycare so this might be a little difficult for me! Pray For Me! Lol

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of every pet, for every family, with love and compassion.

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Brags & Wags!

Much to Brag about with our team here at MDP.

We are already at the end of July, and we have celebrated these anniversaries thus far!

Back in April, Maria had her 1 year with MDP, in March Harmoni has her 3rd year & Anna celebrated 6 years! April brings Bailey’s 1 year & Robin celebrated 1 year in May. June Marked 3 anniversaries with Jessica at 5 years, Linda at 10 years, and Melanie at 4 years! This month Nicole will have her 1 year here at MDP!

Love our MDP Team! 

It’s Swim Time!!

The lake is available for swimming! Spread the word and book the lake for a private swim with you and your dog! Private swims are $40/hour or $20/1/2 hour… Per dog! Life vest & long lines are available for your use! Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact exercise for any age dog!

Are you using our Scheduling Software?

Your Mid-Day Play Client Portal is your access to all your scheduling needs! 

Using your client portal helps us serve you better. You can add and update all contact information, vet records, request services, and cancel services. If you need assistance or need more information, please let us know! 

Let’s Talk Training

Have you taught your dog anything new lately? Do you know that most dogs love to learn? Especially if treats are involved. And treats should be involved because you want to positively reinforce the behavior that you want with something they want. The treat is what will cause the behavior to repeat! Then, after they learn it, the treating can go away. Try teaching your dog to touch the palm of your hand when you say “touch”! You would start out by presenting your hand (as a target) about an inch away from your dog’s nose and say “touch”. When your dog touches his nose to your palm, immediately say “yes” and give a reward with your OTHER hand (you have to have a treat ready, held behind your back). You want to start close to your dog’s nose to set him/her up for success. Do this over and over to establish learning (dogs learn in 3s and with repetition). Then, as your pup begins to understand what the word “touch” means, begin to present hand father away and say the word and in different locations with respect to your dog(is, so your dog has a turn head to touch your hand). If your dog becomes an expert at touching your hand, you can teach him/her to “touch” other objects! Here is a video on my YoutTube channel that shows the behavior of a puppy!

YouTube Channel

Save the Date!


TIME: 5:30 – 8:00 PM

Please come join us and celebrate our 12th Anniversary “3rd Annual” Luau! 

We want to properly Thank you for using Mid-Day Play for all your pet’s needs! 

We are extremely grateful for each one of our pet parents and our Amazing MDP Team! 

(This event is for human attendance only) 

Please RSVP via Event, email middayplayfun@gmail.com or in person. 

Looking forward to seeing you all! 

Let’s Keep Current!

– To ensure safety and health we do require your Daycare Pup to have a Negative Fecal every 6 months.

– Daycare Dogs that use a topical Flea & Tick Treatment – please apply at least 3 days before your schedule Daycare Play.


Did you know that what you feed your dog can have a great impact on his/her behavior? Try to remember that dogs are mammals just like us and their metabolism acts a lot like ours. If we eat food that is not good for us, we FEEL the effects of that. Dogs will feel the same way but they can’t tell us….so they act differently. Please read your dog food labels and stay away from CORN, WHEAT, SOY, BY-PRODUCTS, BHA/BHT/ETHOXYQUIN AND ANY UN-NAMED PROTEIN (“MEAT”)! The first 6 ingredients are the most abundant in the food, those are the important ones to look at! Click Here for an article about some dog food myths!

Daycare Hours

1/2 Day AM – 7:30 – 11:30

1/2 day PM – 12:15 – 4:30

All Day Daycare – 7:30 – 4:30

We do provide a “Nap Time” or “Quiet Time”

This enables the dogs to have a mental and physical break.