May 2020 Newsletter

The Sit, Stay, Play Report


Welcome Back Everyone!

I wish that I could explain to you how excited I was to open on Monday, not only to see my team but to see the dogs and their owners. I am feeling extremely humbled and grateful that we have most of the dogs coming back this week! My heart has been so full all week seeing you all and the pups that I have missed so much. We will continue to do “curbside pick up” through next week. Starting June 1st you can come in with your dog one at a time and we will get you out of here quickly!

We are still doing lake walks and lake swims this summer! Today, as I am writing this, the sun is our and the heat is on! So let us know if you would like your dog to swim or go for a nature walk while they are here at daycare. Also, if you are wanting some extra exercise for your dog and some bonding time… you can “rent” the lake for a private swim! The lake is ready! Stay safe and healthy and above all else, know that this too shall pass! Live for today! God Bless!

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of every pet, for every family, with love and compassion.

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It is flea and tick season for sure! Please treat your dogs!

  • The most common tick in Illinois is the American Dog Tick
  • Ticks have four life stages: egg, six-legged larva, eight-legged nymph and adult
  • Ticks wait for host animals from the tips of grasses and shrubs (not from trees) EVEN in your own backyard
  • If your pet spend time outdoors, check them for ticks. Most ticks seldom attach quickly and rarely transmit disease organisms until they have been attached four or more hours

Meet the Staff

Meet Annie

Annie joined the MDP team in February! She has 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs! She enjoys training her dogs and learning more about dogs behavior. Annie has made a wonderful addition to the MDP Team!

Meet our team

Daycare Hours

1/2 Day AM – 7:30 – 11:30

1/2 day PM – 12:15 – 4:30

All Day Daycare – 7:30 – 4:30

We do provide a “Nap Time” or “Quiet Time”

This enables the dogs to have a mental and physical break.