Dog Walking

Dog Walking: Whether you work long hours every day, taking a day trip to Chicago or just physically unable to walk the dog, Mid-Day Play will be there to help!! Your dog(s) will benefit in many ways in having a mid-day break:

  • Potty Relief
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • Breaks up the monotony of being alone all day
  • Provides mental stimulation through play and exercise
  • Puppy care available (it is important to note that puppies need additional potty breaks b/w the ages of 8 - 16 weeks)

Doggie Daycare

Off leash play is one of the best ways that your dog can get exercise, mental stimulation and socialization. The Mid-Day Play Daycare staff are all trained and educated on reading dog body language and to keep our dogs safe and happy in their play groups. We work hard to find the perfect group for your dog! We offer a low stress and fun environment for your dog. Your beloved dog will get hours of attention and play time during which they will learn appropriate play and behavior. 

Swimming and Lake time swims on those hot summer days!

We celebrate Birthdays!

Daycare Hours 7:30 - 4:30

1/2 day AM - 7:30 - 11:45

1/2 day PM - 12:15 - 4:30

All Day Daycare - 7:30 - 4:30

We do provide a "Nap Time" or "Quiet Time" Mid-Day for the All Day dogs so they can have a mental and physical break.

Vacation Care / Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting: There is no place like home for the furry members of your family! So, instead of taking your pets to a kennel for long hours in a cage, leave them at home and allow Mid-Day Play to care for them! Whether you have cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles or even farm animals, we can help. The benefits of a pet sitter are many:

  • Pets are safe and comfortable in their own environment
  • Greatly reduces stress for your pet by having the same routine
  • Your home is safer with daily activity
  • Mail is collected
  • Plants are watered
  • Lights are turned on and off
  • Best of all….peace of mind for pet parents!!


Amy has always been an animal lover!  As a child she brought home many stray and injured animals.  Her family raised and bred dogs which first sparked her love for them.  She was also raised with horses and her first job was at a Fox Trotter stable. Later Amy volunteered as a horse mentor for horses involved in hippo-therapy.  Amy began showing dogs in obedience competitions at age 16.  She has never owned less than two dogs (and usually more) in her life!  She has raised and trained both therapy and search and rescue dogs.  She believes that dogs enjoy having a job, however big it may be.  Amy is also a rescue advocate who has fostered over 250 Pit bulls and other breeds in her home that later found their forever homes.  She currently owns 4 “foster failures” that she was unable to part with.   She has been involved in rescuing animals in abuse situations, puppy mills, dog fighting and hoarding situations.  Also, she has taught puppy, obedience, Canine Good Citizen and private individualized training through the humane society and private businesses.  She is a certified trainer through Animal Behavior College and the American Kennel Club.  She is also an AKC evaluator.  Amy also taught special education in the public schools.  She brought humane education into her classroom.  Also, while working at Sandwich High School, she was the staff sponsor for Peace for Paws animal advocacy club.  Amy is currently seeking her master’s degree in Psychology to learn more about the animal/human relationship.  She is interested in training mental health therapy dogs and is currently working on her Pet Partners/Delta Society certificate.

Additional Services

Pet Transportation

This service is designed to help you get your dog somewhere while you are at work, laid up with an injury, can’t drive or don’t have a car. We can deliver to a grooming appointment, drop off at the vet or we will even pick up and drop off for doggie daycare. This is a great option for senior citizens who have trouble transporting their pets. Fees will depend on time and distance involved. Please call for more information.

Grooming Services

Light grooming services are offered for a nominal fee. Our dog handler, Ashley, is also a groomer and will trim nails, brush out your dog, remove small mats and express anal glands. Bathing, drying and full grooming is not available at this time. Please call for rates.

Private Swimming

What better way to cool off in the summer than to take your dog swimming in a clean, private lake! Swimming for dogs, just like for people, is an excellent form of low impact, aerobic exercise. It benefits all body systems including circulatory, respiratory and musculoskeletal to name a few. Swimming is also a unique activity to do with your dog which helps the bonding experience. We always encourage owners to swim with their dog and offer a sandy beach with a gradual walk in. We also provide life vests for those dogs who need a little “extra help”. Whether you come once a week or once a summer, your dog will love you for the experience! Call for an appointment Monday through Saturday.

Puppy Consultation:

Getting a puppy can be an exciting time... and a stressful one! I would love to bring my knowledge of puppy behavior and training to your home to help with your new puppy! I can even preempt this process by helping you BEFORE you pick our your puppy by helping your with breed selection. Not all breeds are right for all homes. The type, breed, size and where you get your dog are all important considerations. I will help you with:

  • Breed Selection (if needed)
  • What you need for you puppy
  • What to do when you bring your puppy home
  • Crate training (if desired)
  • Potty training
  • Toy selection
  • Food selection
  • Basic house manners

Call for pricing as it is based on needs!