Our Pet Services

There are many ways that Mid-Day Play can care for your pet! Our pet services are performed by experienced animal lovers who truly understand what your pet needs: love, attention, and socialization.

Mid-Day Play is home to premiere pet services for dogs, cats and other furry, scaly and feathered friends. We proudly serve pet parents throughout Sandwich, Somonauk and the Chicagoland area with dog walking, doggie day care and other pet services. Our team has cared for pets with personalized attention for nearly a decade.

We take the stress out of finding great animal care. The Mid-Day Play staff is trained and educated on reading dog body language to keep your fur babies safe and happy. We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of your pets. We offer a safe environment where dogs can learn, grow and play. Our pet services are designed to meet your pet’s individual needs.

Your beloved pet will receive hours of attention and playtime at our facility or within the comfort of your own home. We are loving, experienced pet professionals who want your dog to be happy and healthy. We have created a range of pet services to meet the varied needs of dogs, cats and other critters.

Dog Walking

Whether you work long hours, are taking a day trip or simply unable to walk your dog, Mid-Day Play is here to help! Your dog will benefit by having a mid-day break filled with exercise and fun.


Private Swimming

Cool off this summer with a dip in our private lake! Swimming is an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise for dogs. We encourage owners to swim with their dogs for extra bonding time!


Pet Sitting

Our drop-in pet sitters make routine visits to your home to feed, snuggle and play with your fur babies. This option is perfect for low-maintenance dogs, cats and caged pets.


House Sitting

One of our experienced staff members will stay with your pets during your vacation. House sitting is perfect for pets who need some extra love and attention!


Puppy Consultation

Think of us as a puppy match-maker. We can help you pick your puppy by narrowing down which breed is right for your family, lifestyle and home.


Doggie Day Care

Off leash play is one of the best ways your dog can get exercise, mental stimulation and socialization. We offer a low-stress, fun environment that keeps your dog active and playful.



In our training classes, puppies and dogs will work on social skills, obedience, commands and manners. Owners will learn about behavior management and dog socialization.


Taxi Services

Our taxi service is designed to transport your dog while you’re at work or unable to drive. We deliver your precious pups to Mid Day Play.


Daycare Hours

1/2 Day AM – 7:30 – 11:30

1/2 day PM – 12:15 – 4:30

All Day Daycare – 7:30 – 4:30

We do provide a “Nap Time” or “Quiet Time”

This enables the dogs to have a mental and physical break.