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Swimming for Dogs

Cool off this summer with a dip in our clean, private lake! Mid-Day Play is excited to offer one-hour swim times May through October. This unique form of exercise is a doggie favorite! Private swimming is a fun opportunity for dogs and owners to bond and have fun in a safe environment!

Swimming is an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise for dogs. It benefits all body systems including circulatory, respiratory and musculoskeletal. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs of all sizes, breeds and activity levels. It provides mental AND physical stimulation and a much needed release for your dog’s summertime energy. We also encourage owners to swim with their dogs for and even more interactive experience.

  • Mid-Day Play Pet Services
  • Mid-Day Play Pet Services

Our private lake is surrounded by a grassy walkway with a sandy beach! A gradual walk in ensures that your dog can have a safe entry to the water.  We also provide life vests for those dogs who need a little extra help. Whether you come once a week or once a summer, your dog will love you for the experience!

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  • Swimming is an exhausting exercise

  • A 5 minutes swim is equivalent to a 5 mile run

  • Excellent from of Cardiovascular exercise with low impact

  • Keeps dogs cool with water play

  • Great activity for dogs with arthritis or other health concerns

  • Helps alleviate boredom and naughty behaviors

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