Training is essential for dogs to understand commands and to exhibit proper behavior around people, pets and other animals. In our training classes, puppies and dogs will work on social skills, obedience, commands and manners. Owners will learn about behavior management, dog socialization and positive reinforcement training methods. Classes will be formed on an as needed basis and will be offered either in the evenings during the week or on Saturdays. Please see our training page for current training schedule or call for more information! 815.739.7669

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This class is designed for new puppies under 20 weeks to teach the beginning basics of obedience, behavior and manners. We will cover most aspects of puppy raising and socialization with play time after instruction. The class will run for six weeks.

This is a continuation of Puppy 101. We expand on behaviors learned in 101 with the addition of more advanced obedience. We will also touch on the problem behaviors of adolescent dogs and how to manage/control these behaviors. The class will run for six weeks.



Group classes aren’t for every dog! Sometimes the excitement or stress of being with other dogs and people is just too much, which can inhibit the learning process. Therefore, private training is an excellent option and can be done in your own home or here at Mid-Day Play Training Center. Your dog must be 6 months or older. Please call for more information, availability and pricing.


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